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Roundtable Theme
A Cub Scout Gives Good Will -- November, 2003

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Themes / Core Values
  1. Uncle Sam Depends On You
  2. Why Does It Do That?
  3. Land Of The Pharaohs
  4. Lights, Camera, Action!
  5. Fun In The Sun
  6. A Hiking We Will Go
  7. Circle The Wagons
  8. Soaring To New Heights
  9. Once Upon A Time
  10. Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock
  11. A Cub Scout Gives Good Will
  12. Home Alone

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Monthly Theme Information -- A Cub Scout Gives Good Will

"A Cub Scout gives goodwill" - Cub Scouts learn about the spirit of Scouting and the meaning of the season by performing a good deed for someone in need during the holiday season. Making gifts for friends and family is a fun part of the celebration of the season. Keeping service to God and others in mind, have your den collect donated food or gift items for an "adopted" family in need. Conduct a pack-wide collection of winter coats and gloves or blankets for the homeless. Prepare an outing to work in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, make decorations to brighten up a nursing home or other care facility or sing carols for the people who live there. The opportunities to "do a good turn" are endless this month.


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