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Roundtable Theme
Roundtable Theme for 2004

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Themes / Core Values
  1. Fiesta!!
  2. Walk In My Shoes
  3. Cubservation
  4. My Home State
  5. Cub Rock
  6. Fin Fun
  7. Scouting The Midway
  8. Time in A Capsule
  9. It's a Circus of Stars
  10. Cub Scout Collectors
  11. Holiday Food Fare
  12. Cubs Scouts Spread the News

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January - Fiesta!!Scholar - Engineer
Viva Fiesta! It's party time for Scouting and what better way to celebrate than with a Mexican flavor? Boys will learn about the country's festive traditions as they make cascarones and fill pi´┐Żatas for the blue and gold banquet. Perhaps they can even learn to sing Happy Birthday or other songs in Spanish. They'll enjoy planning the menu too--fajitas or quesadillas, anyone? It's "nacho" ordinary blue and gold banquet! Ole!

February - Walk In My ShoesAthlete - Engineer
Try putting yourself in another's shoes! Cub Scouts will spend this month exploring the world and experiences of those who face challenges every day, challenges ranging from language and cultural differences to special physical or mental needs. By doing so, our Cub Scouts will become more aware of the diversity in God's children. Cub Scouts can learn sign language or learn to sign the Cub Scout Promise or a song. You may choose to focus on one special challenge or need at each den meeting and bring various visual aids to underscore the themes, such as crutches, wheelchairs, signs or posters printed in other languages, ear plugs or blindfolds. Cub Scouts may even want to create and run a disabilities awareness course at the pack meeting where boys can complete specific tasks at each station without the benefit of one or more senses.

March - CubservationSportsman - Family Member
This month our boys will learn about the importance of conservation and ecology. Have a conservationist or park ranger come to your den or pack meeting to talk about the dangers and effects of pollution and littering. Take your den to visit a local government conservation or reclamation project. Your den can plan its own conservation project and work on the World Conservation Award. Don't forget collecting and recycling old toys and clothes for those who are less fortunate. Your den may want to collect aluminum cans to sell and donate the proceeds to be used on a conservation project.

April - My Home StateOutdoorsman - Handyman
What is special about your state? This month we'll find out. Cubs will visit historic places, theme parks, museums, and zoos. Choose a city or a historical site in your state to highlight. Design a game that features some special aspect of your home state. Take a trip, go to a ball game, or just have a family picnic in the park. Pretend you are someone important in the history of your state, and see if anyone can guess who it is! Put on a skit where each den pretends to be doing something that is common in your state, and see if the audience can guess what it is! How about some special recipes that each den can prepare to be shared at the pack meeting? Invite a guest speaker who can share something special about your state with the boys. Use maps or collect tourist brochures to learn more about places to visit. Your local historical society or public library is a great place to get started.

May - Cub RockTraveler - Artist
Welcome to Cub Rock! The boys can learn about prehistoric times by creating table settings, toys, clothing, school supplies, vehicles, etc. These ideas would be great for use in a skit and these skits could be shared at a prehistoric pack meeting. What a good month for geology and learning about the dinosaurs. By the end of the month, all the boys will be looking at rocks in a whole different way. With cooperation and team building in mind, this might be a good month for a prehistoric scavenger hunt. What fossils can you find?

June - Fin FunAquanaut - Geologist
" Dive right in as our Cub Scouts spend a month learning about water, our most precious resource, and the many creatures that live in our oceans, lakes, and rivers. Dens can visit a local aquarium or fish farm. You may want to try your hand at fishing. Cub Scouts may even want to prepare their own aquarium or fish bowl and "adopt a gold fish." This is also an excellent opportunity to teach our Cub Scouts about water conservation and "catch & release" programs. Don't forget learning about water safety. So hit the beaches, there's a lot to "sea!"

July - Scouting The MidwayNaturalist - Forester
Step right up folks... for a chance at some fun! This month is full of fun and games. Each den will create a midway game to run at the Pack Midway. How about a ring toss, a beanbag throw, a coin toss, a ball throw, or a card throw? Get those creative juices flowing. The boys can design and build the games at their den meetings, and then run their game at the Pack Midway, so everyone gets in on the fun. What's a midway without prizes? Make sure you have prizes for all age groups. And don't forget the popcorn!

August - Time in A CapsuleCommunicator - Citizen
The new Scouting year starts us thinking about the future and what it will hold. Dens can build a time capsule to be opened in the future showing what Scouting is like today. Be sure to include your den and pack photos, newsletters, pack roster, and perhaps videotape of your pack meeting. Present these at the pack meeting as you build a pack time capsule of your pack's history and hopes for the future. Awards could be taken from a time capsule as they are presented to Cub Scouts. The dens could explore space and new frontiers. How about holding a space derby?

September - It's a Circus of StarsShowman - Citizen
"Ladies and Gentleman" welcome to the Cub Scout Circus. It will be a month of entertainment. Dens will practice stunts, skits, songs, run-ons and applauses as part of their advancement --and just for fun -as they prepare to share their talents at the monthly pack meeting. The pack meeting focus will be the magic of a circus, with the Cubmaster serving as ringmaster. The pack meeting may be set up with three rings where each of the dens performs what they have been practicing. Be sure to have lots of balloons, peanuts, and popcorn for the audience, as well as spotlights on each den as they participate. Awards could be presented in each ring.

October - Cub Scout CollectorsCraftsman - Scientist
Boys love to collect things like bugs, baseball cards, rocks, sticks and candy wrappers. This is a great theme for working on the collections from the boy's handbooks. Take den hikes or trips to start collections and to explore. Make scrapbooks or collection boxes to display your collections. At the pack meeting have a show and tell night similar to a Science Fair where the parents and leaders can view the collections as the Cub Scouts talk about their collections. After evaluation by a panel of judges, award prize ribbons for several different categories making sure that everyone is recognized.

November - Holiday Food FareCraftsman - Scientist
Foods help to keep our bodies strong and healthy, and are often a major part of our holiday celebrations. Compare the labels of different foods to learn more about the nutrients they contain. Cub Scouts can use different types of foods to make crafts and holiday decorations to share with others. Experience foods from other countries or prepare delightful treats to share with your family, a needy family or an elderly resident. Have a family or a den dessert contest at the pack meeting. Awards could include the Best Bean Award, Top Carrot Award, or other imaginative categories.

December - Cubs Scouts Spread the NewsFitness - Readyman
Let's make news for the New Year. Cub Scouts can make headlines this month and learn about the history of news reporting. The pack spreads the good news about Cub Scouting by inviting the local radio, TV or cable channels to the pack meeting or the upcoming blue and gold banquet. Plan field trips to visit them at their workplace. Dens can publish articles and pictures in a den or pack newsletter or make their own videotape to be shown at the pack meeting or next months blue and gold banquet. Let your Cub Scouts experience the different roles on a news team and hold either a press conference or a news broadcast at the pack meeting. Use props and scripts created by the boys and a camcorder to record the broadcast or pack events. Cub Scouts can learn many different ways to spread the "news" about Scouting this month.

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