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Roundtable Theme
Indian Nations -- October, 2007

Webelos Activity Pins - Craftsman & Scientist

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Themes / Core Values
  1. Aloha, Cub Scouts
  2. Baloo Skies
  3. Cub Cafe
  4. Cubs and Bugs Galore
  5. Wheel into Summer
  6. The Rockets Red Glare
  7. A Century of Scouting
  8. Cub Scout Express
  9. Down On The Farm
  10. Indian Nations
  11. Celebrations Around The World
  12. Cub Scout Car Show

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Monthly Theme Information -- Indian Nations

Do you know who lived where you live 500 years ago? Dens will learn about the American Indian tribe currently living in their part of the country or the tribes that previously lived in their area. You are encouraged to invite a local tribe to help learn how Native Americans show their respect for Mother Earth and how "we are all related." The boys will learn about the harvesting and preparation of native foods and discover how good these foods taste. Develop an understanding of the importance of traditional oral history as a way of teaching lessons and recording history. Work on your Communicating belt loop and pin. Experience playing a Native game and learn the meaning and history behind the skills required to play the game. Share your new knowledge at a pack meeting or special event.


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